11 Nov

Reactions are Louder than Words

It’s always great when the camera can be turned around to capture people’s reactions. These were taken at St Andrew’s in the Square in the heart of the Merchant City.


These pictures say much more about how magic can lift an event more than any amount of words.


wedding reaction omni


Wedding (7 of 32) - August 11, 2012


wedding reaction sponge

26 Oct

From Card Trick to Seeing Auras…

Sometimes I take my magic for granted and then something happens to wake me up. This weekend it was like a slap in the face. I was performing a basic card trick for a lady, one where a card changes in her hand. It’s nothing too fancy but it always gets strong reactions. However, she looked at me like I’d levitated ten feet off the floor. She went all quiet, then said I was a ‘guru’. That was her word. She went on to say I should develop my powers further. We had a chat for a while and it turns out she’d traveled the world extensively and she could see peoples’ souls.

At that point I felt embarrassed telling her it had been a mere double lift.


19 Sep

James Bond Evening For the Glasgow Magician

Performing magic for hundreds of people in Merchant’s Square last night with my esteemed colleague, Roddy McGhie.

500 people in two and a half hours – now that’s magic!


James Bond Event




14 May

New Glasgow Magic Bandstand Dates 2015

great bandstand image

I have been asked to perform magic at the newly refurbished Kelvingrove Bandstand again. Dates to be announced for this summer but likely to be July. The shows are free and suitable for both adults and children. Great that a Glasgow magician is part of the entertainment programme! Expect a new prediction trick, mind-reading and sleight of hand chicanery.


Will post dates when they are confirmed.

24 Feb

Britains Got Talent



Just had a call from Britain’s Got Talent. Two members of their production crew would like to film me in a ‘secret’ Glasgow location on Saturday to see if I’m right for their show. Exciting times.

27 Oct

Culcreuch Castle Magician

I am so delighted to have been added to the list of wedding suppliers at Culcreuch Castle. I performed a magic show at the venue on Wednesday last week and had a blast. The booker, Julie, sent me a lovely email the next day, but even better was the word of mouth their conversations generated.

On Sunday the venue phoned me to say they’d heard so many amazing stories about my show they wanted me to perform magic there as much as possible! They are now recommending me to all their wedding clients.

culcreuch castle

“Hi Mark, just wanted to say thank you. Everybody loved your magic! At two in the morning some guests were still discussing how the tricks were done. Then again when we all met for lunch today.”

Julie Kennedy, Culcreuch Castle 22 October 2014

29 Sep

How to win a free drink

Performing as a magician in bars around Glasgow and Edinburgh is lots of fun. But if there’s one thing I love, it’s a bar bet. If done with a wink and a smile you’re sure to get yourself a free drink. And if the trick itself doesn’t impress then you just tell your ‘mark’ they’ll be able to win drinks using the same technique for the rest of their lives. A good deal, right?

So what’s my favourite bar bet? I know a ton (and will post some more over the coming months) but the following two are by far the easiest and most practical as they require no secret preparation.


 No. 1 The Shot of Plenty.


Fill a shot glass to the brim with water and casually ask your friend to estimate how many coins you can place in the glass before it starts to overflow. Chances are they will say three or four. It looks impossible to put in more without displacing the liquid.

This is where the bet comes in. Say you bet them a drink that you can put in more than ten coins without it spilling over. Or if you’re really cheeky bet them a drink for every coin you can put in over their original estimate.


You proceed to carefully place ten coins into the shot glass without any spillage. Indeed, you may even find you get up to fifteen without the liquid overflowing.

You win a drink!

What’s the secret?

There is no secret to this trick, it just works with good old science.


No.2 The Trapped Bank Note.


Place a bank note under an upturned bottle. Bet your friend that you can remove the note without the bottle falling over. One condition is that you will not touch the bottle with any part of your body or use any other object.

It looks impossible! Ask them to try remove the note but however fast they try to whip it away the bottle will fall.

What’s the secret?


Roll the bank note into a tube towards the head of the bottle. Do this slowly and carefully ensuring you don’t touch the bottle with your fingers.


The note will nudge the bottle away leaving it standing on the table by itself.

Well done, you have just won another drink.