30 Mar

Fri 7th April 2017 Forge Shopping Centre 12 – 4pm

forgeJust a quick heads up: I will be putting in a public performance at the Forge Shopping centre from 12 – 4pm. If you’re into close-up magic, mind reading or magic related games get yourself along. Fun for all the family.

08 Dec

You must go through a lot of cards

I get this comment a lot at my shows. It’s the tricks where people sign cards with a Sharpie that does it. I obviously can’t use these cards again so after a show the pack is very light. I’ve also introduced a new trick where someone draws a random picture on a card and it turns into their name. This is a crowd pleaser to say the least. So I have to buy a ‘brick’ of Bicycle cards every so often. This current batch should just about get me through Christmas.

bicycle glasgow magician cards

31 Oct

Glasgow Magician’s Christmas Bookings

Christmas is always a busy time for me but also lots of fun. Every two years I take bookings on Christmas day because everyone is in such a good mood and the atmosphere is always warm and convivial. This year I am very much looking forward to performing at The Cameron House Hotel.


(But secretly my favourite bit is seeing all the kids with all their new toys and gadgets. I’m hoping to preview some VR goggles this year.)

glasgow magician cameron house hotal

05 Sep

FDM Group Magic in Glasgow

Thank you to FDM Group for hiring me to perform magic at their new office opening on West Regent Street. The graduates were all lovely, intelligent and really into a bit of sleight of hand. Apparently there were 12 chess Grand Masters in the audience, so it was good to find magic hits the spot even with super brainy people!

glasgow magician fdm group fdm2

24 May

Sharing the stage with Tom Jones

Woohoo. Looks like I am going to be sharing the stage with Tom Jones soon (sort of). He’s playing the Kelvingrove bandstand on Tuesday August 9th. If you can’t get tickets then remember there are lots of brilliant shows all through the summer. Many of them free for families, including mine!

My dates are:

Sun 19th June 12 noon

Wed 20th July 10.30am

glasgow magician tom jones

02 Feb

Glasgow Magician Mark Walbank at Waterstones

Looking for a fun night out with the kids? Get down to Glasgow Waterstones this Thursday, 4th Feb 2016. It’s their special Harry Potter night and I will be the resident Dumbledore (though don’t expect my beard to be quite so long). There will be lots of spellbinding magic, treats and surprises.

Remember it’s the Argyle Street branch and it spells off at 6:30pm. Tickets £3 direct from Waterstones.


Glasgow Magician at Waterstones-Harry-Potter-Night


11 Nov

Reactions are Louder than Words

It’s always great when the camera can be turned around to capture people’s reactions. These were taken at St Andrew’s in the Square in the heart of the Merchant City.


These pictures say much more about how magic can lift an event more than any amount of words.


wedding reaction omni


Wedding (7 of 32) - August 11, 2012


wedding reaction sponge

26 Oct

From Card Trick to Seeing Auras…

Sometimes I take my magic for granted and then something happens to wake me up. This weekend it was like a slap in the face. I was performing a basic card trick for a lady, one where a card changes in her hand. It’s nothing too fancy but it always gets strong reactions. However, she looked at me like I’d levitated ten feet off the floor. She went all quiet, then said I was a ‘guru’. That was her word. She went on to say I should develop my powers further. We had a chat for a while and it turns out she’d traveled the world extensively and she could see peoples’ souls.

At that point I felt embarrassed telling her it had been a mere double lift.


19 Sep

James Bond Evening For the Glasgow Magician

Performing magic for hundreds of people in Merchant’s Square last night with my esteemed colleague, Roddy McGhie.

500 people in two and a half hours – now that’s magic!


James Bond Event